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Ebert and new Socialism -||- End of World War I -||- the Reparations -||- the KPD and the NSDAP -||- Foreshadowing of Hitler

~~~~~- To Weimar Republic- ~~~~~

The Left & Right Opposition- The KPD & the NSDAP

Eberts government faced much opposition.

On the left, there was the KPD or the Spartacists, led by Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht. They were feard because of the risk of Bolshevism they seemed to represent. In truth, neither of these leaders had been planning a Bolshevik Revolution. They were however, planning a Communist one. In the newspaper, Rosa Luxemburg wrote: "To attle! There is a world to conquer and a world to fight against! In this last class war of world history...our word to the enmy is: Thumb in eye and knee of chest."
The Spartacists attempted a revolution a week later, but their leaders were beaten and killed.

The NSDAP were the Rightist opposition. They are better known as the Nazi Party. It was originally called the German Workers Party, and started out with 6 members and funds of 40 pence. Eventually, Hitler would take over and rename the party. The NSDAP would be represented by 25 demands. These included the 'union of all Germans (including Poland, Czeckhoslovakia, Austria, and Alsace-Lorraine), the ending of the Versailles and Saint Germain treaties, the policy of expansionsim, profit sharing in hig industries, provision for old age, creation of a middle-class, creation of a new central government, and other things'.