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Ebert and new Socialism -||- End of World War I -||- the Reparations -||- the KPD and the NSDAP -||- Foreshadowing of Hitler

~~~~~- To Weimar Republic- ~~~~~

Ebert &New Socialism

The man who would have the German government after the abdication of the Kaiser was called Friedrich Ebert- the Socialist leader of Germany. As there was much unrest after the war, he issued a statement to the German People. In it, he promised the end to censorship, freedom of opinion, religion, the eight hour day and many other things. The only problems that Ebert faced from bringing Germany back from the dark ages were his fellow Socialists. None could agree on which ideology of Socialism they should follow. There was also the conflicts with the Right like the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Abeiterpartei- National Socialist German Workers Party- The Nazi Party), and the left KPD (Spartacists) the leading opposition Communist Party. Ebert himself ran the Social Democrats.

His government agreed to the reparations, and were labelled 'November Criminals' by the populace for 'betraying' Germany. For support, he turned to the upper class and the nobles. He also made friends with the old army personnel who returned from the war. It was simple to do this, as his son was a soldier.

The remaining soldiers returned home and declared themselves the Freikorps (Free Corps) to act for the government. To stop opposition, Ebert had them murder the two leaders of the KPD- Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. They were thrown off a building after being beaten.

Ebert's government was unsuccessful with dealing with the reparations. His government eventually stepped down for this reason and he was succeeded by Gustav Stresemann.