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Ebert and new Socialism -||- End of World War I -||- the Reparations -||- the KPD and the NSDAP -||- Foreshadowing of Hitler

~~~~~- To Weimar Republic- ~~~~~

The Foreshadowing of Hitler

Maybe not Hitler specifically, but were there true signs that someone like Hitler would come to power after Weimar? Many believe so. The widespread discontent about the German situation- lack of wealth, under the thumb of the Allies, and starving. There was also the great clash of culture that began before the war. It was still going on. In the document by the historian Larry Eugene Jones; Culture and Politics in the Weimar Republic, these many different conflicts are looked at.

There is the argument that there was hope for the Weimar, and that Hitler (or anyone like him) need not have come to power and put Germany into another round of the dark ages, but what 'may have been' is not reality.

Well, a little history lesson on Hitler.

He was not German, he was Austrian. He stayed in Austria for 24 years and left for Germany to avoid his military service. Despite this, he caught 'war fever' in World War I and served in the German Army. He won 6 medals, including the Iron Cross First Class (highest German military award) but was never promoted above corporal. He was temporarily blinded by mustard gas and sent to a hospital- where he said that quote earlier about the end of the war.

He stayed in the army after the war as a spy. His job was to spy on the different political groups. He ended up joining the German Workers' Party, led by Anton Drexler.