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Tsar Nicolas II -||-  Rasputin -||- Discontent and the lure of Communism -||-  World War I -||- Lenin and the Bolsheviks

~~~~~-To Imperial Germany-~~~~~

~~~~~- To Imperial Russia-~~~~~

Russia in World War I


    Originally, Russia joined to protect her fellow Slavs and to regain power and whatever dignity lost in Japan for Korea.  She was confident.  She boasted the largest army in the world, stretched across a continent and a half, and besides- the Tsar was a divine autocrat, naturally, God was on his side.  Well, that's what they thought.

    Russia's army was large but behind in technology.  While a match for the armies of Austria-Hungary, Russia was no match for the German army. 

    The Russian army at times was also quite unorganized.  They had one thing going for them though, and that was sheer willpower, granted through living in a harsh and cold land.  It was a miracle that the Russian army survived as long as it did. 

    WWI would introduce a Bolshevik Revolution and end the reign of the Tsars.  The years afterwards would be bloody and harsher than the winters of the land. 

From Punch:

The Russian Bear, the Chicken's the Balkans, and the Eagle is of course, Austria-Hungary.  This is about the Russian support of the Balkans against the Dual Monarchy.