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Tsar Nicolas II -||-  Rasputin -||- Discontent and the lure of Communism -||-  World War I -||- Lenin and the Bolsheviks

~~~- To Imperial Russia -~~~


Tsar Nicolas II


   Kind man? Idiot ruler? Dwarf? Clever? Quite amazing really, it's been debated that he was all.  His life was dedicated to his family, and he served Russia as sense of duty.  He wasn't really an 'idiot ruler', he was just a man who was intelligent, kind, but not right for his job.  He was untried and unfit for the job.

        Nicolas II inherited the Russian throne young.  His father had died an untimely death from sickness, and he had not trained his son in the hardships of ruling.  Nicolas inherited without being ready, and he knew this. 

            Already the Tsar suffered from confidence problems due to his height.  In a Russia family that averaged 6 feet and 9 inches, he was only 5 feet 5 inches.  As he said “No one wants to take orders from a dwarf”.  He did inherit from his family a streak of stubborness, and a sense of religious autocratic duty to his nation. 

            Nicolas’ inherited a Russia that seemed invincible to strangers.  It was the largest country in the world, stretching across Asia and into Europe.  It boasted the biggest army in the world, and certainly the Romanovs were amongst the richest of the European royal families. 

            The Tsar himself was a good man.  However, he was the kind of good man that was never fit to rule an Empire.  He preferred to spend time with his family and writing letters to his wife, rather than being a Tsar (though he did do it as a sense of duty).  He pursued Alixandra, his German cousin of Hesse-Dermstandt hopelessly until he finally won her.  Together, they had four daughters and one son.

            Heaven.  Not really. 

            Nicolas seemed to have bad luck around him, and I personally think that it was fate’s way of saying ‘it’s time for the Romanovs to go’.  Firstly, his personality was that of not enough anything.  He had strength but was easily manipulated and swayed.  His stubborness would only show itself when he needed it the least and his son- Tsarevich of Russia- Alexander- had inherited haemophilia from his grandmother. 

            Now I will take a brief look at Alexei Romanov.  He seemed to have great potential as a future Tsar, invoking many ‘what if’ questions.  Nicolas used all of his mistakes to teach his son.  He swore that Alex would not be caught unprepared if the throne was thrust onto him too early.  Alexei then had been attending formal functions and learning how to act in front of dignitaries since he was able to walk.  He was also sent to military sessions during the war.  He was spoilt yes, but so were the other Tsareviches before him.  Many kept a firm reign on Russia.  So if the Tsar and his family was not killed, would Alexei have had the strength to save Russia from the Bolsheviks? As a reminder of the past and a politically aware youth of the future, it would be quite possible.

            Anyway, back to Nicolas.  In continuation with his bad luck, out of all the people to have stumbled onto the relief of his son’s attacks, it had to be a character such as Rasputin.  Rasputin manipulated the royal family, especially the Tsarina.  There are rumors that she had an affair with him, but people are still not really sure.  Alixandra had a stronger will than her husband in politics so she ‘ruled’ the country during his absence in the war.  She did not do a good job, and the very fact that she was German made the people hate her. 

            The Tsar lived in a dream, and perhaps that was his greatest ‘sin’- not truly coming to reality.