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The Family


"Hello, yes it is my job to make sure that this part of the palace is clean.  You want to know about the Imperial Romanovs? Alright, let me see if I can tell you.  My family has served them for generations, so I hope I am a good source."

"The Romanov's have ruled Russia for over 300 years.  Nicolas inherited a seemingly invincible Empire.  It stretched from West to East and is the largest country in the world.  In terms of military might, Russia boasts the largest army known. 

Russia is ruled by the Tsars.  They are given divine authority under God to rule over us, and so we trust and pray to them.  What is that you ask? Democracy? I remember my grandfather telling me of the reign of Tsar Alexander II.  He freed the serbs and introduced many freedoms to Russia.  It was quite revolutionary really.  He was making the changes gradually, so as to not lose the support of the conservatives.  But alas, he was murdered by one of the people he tried to help.  They threw a bomb at him, and said that he was not doing enough.

So then his son- Tsar Alexander III took the throne, and the event left him shaken.  He took away all of his father's reforms and put Russia back into the old rule.  Things were back as they were.  Then he died, and left our Tsar Nicolas unready to rule, but the Tsar was made of the same mold as his father, and when the people demanded more, he called these "senseless dreams".  But the Tsar is a kind man.

Well, I do believe that the Duchess Anastasia is bored, maybe if you keep walking through that door, you will be blessed.  She may play a joke on you.

Just go through that door.

Once you answer this:

What is the name of the tutor of Tsars Alexander III & Nicolas II?

Vladimir Kropatkin

Sergei Witte

Konstantin Pobedonistov