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Nikita Khrushchev -||- The New Russia -||- The Cold War

~~~- To Khrushchev Era -~~~

The New Russia

Stalin left behind problems.

That's putting it lightly.

Stalin made the USSR larger than Nicolas II's Empire. The response was fears from the West, especially America. This led to a Cold War.

There was also collectivization, which failed. To solve the problem of food, Khrushchev tried maize. It worked in the Ukraine but here's the thing- Corn can only grow in the Ukraine, not in other parts of Russia. This failed as well.

Industry and the power of it was transferred to the hands of the republics of the USSR themselves. This was a new system, as before, Stalin's command economy set exactly what was needed. The system was new, so there were a few glitches, and those who did not appreciate the lessening of power became his enemies.

Khrushchev installed a Seven Year Plan for Scientific development to fight America in the 'space race'. But the targets were too much and not met. He went back to the death penalty of crimes like 'sabotage and fraud'.

Khrushchev did make many improvements though. He set up schools for specialized subjects, and after his visit to America, Khrushchev worked to imporve the living conditions of Russiasns. He did. Even though the state was not as great as that of America, it was a vast improvement.