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IB History

Welcome to my tutorial on IB History.  Here, you should find notes and documents that may have been lost over time.  Hopefully it will also be a good source of information.  

*January 2002- Hi, well, the page is up but not done.  I would just like to say that this is not meant to be another spoiler page, that means it's not another 'sparknotes'.  I'll provide the basics and lead you guys on from there.  You'll still find lots of shortcuts though.  I recommend looking at the 'hints' and 'historians' page.

* February 2002- Well, it's test ready but I'm not satisfied with it.  I still have to make the game and put in more pictures, but the needed information is already here.  For customer satisfaction, I'll put in some bells and whistles.  Have fun, and please sign the guestbook!

* Feb 26- The pictures are in, but unfortunately the game isn't.  I'm also going to try and get the real books for the sources I used for the bibliography.  E-mail me if you see anything wrong.  Thanks.

* March 5- Well, the deadline is approaching and I've decided not to put in the game for IB.  Don't worry though, I'll probably put it in my free time since I've decided to keep on maintaining this page.  Note though, for now my guestbook isn't working because Bravenet has had a few problems.  
Also, if you have other needs, browse the European History Webring, and the other links should be helpful.  Finally, as always, feel free to e-mail me about my page if you think it necessary.



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