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~~~~~- To Imperial Germany -~~~~~



        The 'New Italy' would be an Empire for the people.  At least that was what was said.  Italy finally managed to unite when French troops were called back from guarding the Pope and Rome.  When the Italians retook Rome, they declared the country reunified. 

        The country was not really unified.  The Pope declared that no Christians could take part in politics.  Quite difficult when most of the Italian population (including the King) were Catholic.  The North was richer than the South due to the uneven distribution of resources in the country.  The South was mostly agricultural, and their needs were hardly met.  This led to the formation of the Italian Mafia, originally created to make sure the farmers received what they needed.

        The Italians strived to become as powerful as the old Roman Empire, and quickly entered the Imperialist game of gaining colonies.  They fought with France for Libya, and lost in Ethiopia to the Ethiopes.  They also sought lands in Austria-Hungary, but did not make an official claim while it was part of the 'Triple Alliance'. Italy's part in the alliance was purely defensive.  It only agreed to help the central powers if they were invaded.  This never happened as the Central powers were the aggressors in the War.  Italy would then switch sides.

        Unlike the other nations, Italy thought long and hard before deciding to enter the war.  They finally did - on the side of the allies.  This was precisely because of the lands they desired in Austria-Hungary.  They fought in the mountains and 'butted their heads against the Austrians in vain'. They fought in the mountains on skis and whatever else they could find, the only thing that declared them victors was the side that they were on.

        Later, Mussolini would take over Europe, and the Pope would become forgiving.  A Catholic Party would be formed.