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~~~~~- Imperial Germany -~~~~~



         Britain tried to tread lightly.  For years she had enjoyed her 'splendid isolation', but it was time to get involved with the continent.  All this was caused by Germany's growing economy, great army and poor diplomacy. 

         Britain felt threatened by Germany's great growth.  The country was considered the 'King of the Continent' and wanted to stay that way.  Their first idea was to make Germany 'Queen of the Continent' and so they sought good diplomatic relations.  However, Britain was too strong for Germany to trust.  Under the shadow of encirclement, Germany refused, so Britain turned to their former rivals- France.

        The foreign minister before the outbreak of war- Lloyd George- tried his best to localize the coming conflict in the Balkans.  He failed and predicted the "lights going out" all over Europe. 

        When  Germany invaded Belgium, Britain found their excuse to declare war on Germany.  Britain would not only fight with British soldiers.  The colonies of the powers would fight each other as well; Indian, Asian and African soldiers would fight for a cause that was not theirs.