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~~~~~-To Imperial Germany-~~~~~




    France started with one goal: Take back Alsace-Lorraine and have revenge on the Germans.  As the war continued, the aims increased.  This was because the war was being fought on France's land.  

    France lost the mineral rich provinces of Alsace-Lorraine after German unification.  She had to pay a compensation of 200,000,000 pounds to Germany before the troops left.  This added insult to the injury.  The quote by Victor Hugo explains this all:
 "France will have one thought: to reconstitute her forces, gather her energy, nourish her sacred anger, raiser her generation to form an army of the whole people, to work without cease, to study the methods and skills of our enemies, to become again a great France, the France of 1792, the France of an idea with a sword.  Then one day she will be irresistible.  Then she will take back Alsace-Lorraine."

    Not quite irresistible.  France was behind Germany in technology.  Really behind.  The war changed that though, and caused a great technology leap for the country.  Unfortunately, this did not help much against the German army, and the French lost so much men that they needed British ones in order to continue fighting. 

    After the war...

    France demanded the return of Alsace-Lorraine, a reduction of the German army to 100,000 men and that Germany pay for ALL war damage.  This was meant to weaken Germany economically, socially and politically.  It backfired as Britain remembered her economic ties with Germany.  Later in the French occupation of the Ruhr Valley, they lost economically because of the cost of the troops that were placed there.