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Kaiser Wilhelm II -||- Wilhelm's Chancellors -||- Admiral von Tirpitz and the Naval Race -||- Alliance with Austria-Hungary -||- Relations with Europe -||- Internal Discontent and new Social Orders -||- Industry and Economy -||- The Schlieffin Plan -||- World War I

~~~~~-To Wilhelm II's Germany-~~~~~

Industry & Economy

            Germany had the fastest growing and largest industry in Europe.  It was already mineral rich to begin with, and then they added the provinces of Alsace-Lorraine to increase their wealth.

            There were also breakthroughs in technology at this time, including artificial dyes, cures for ‘uncurable’ diseases, not to mention the artillery like the gun; the Big Bertha. 

            Immigrants flocked to Germany, and farmers did the same, resulting in a great 50% increase of the population.  Of course, this led to bad living conditions and over-crowding as it always does, but it was part of the pattern.

            Britain was the great trading partner.  This lead to some bitterness on Britain’s side that ‘everything [was] made in Germany!’. 

            The jealousy and fear of Germany’s newfound wealth was another reason why the nations would turn against Germany.