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Credit where it's due:

First off, I apologize that I cannot do the bibliographies as I made do with photocopies, and so I do not have the required information for them. What I will do here is try and credit all the historians whose ideas and works I used to compose this webpage.

Alan White- Works on the Russian Revolution and Stalinism

Alan Wood- Works on the Russian Revolution

Woolf- Works on the Russian Revolution

Lynch- Works on the Russian Revolution and Stalinism

Anthony Wood- The Russian Revolution

Martin MacCauley- Stalin & Stalinism, The Khrushchev Era

John Hiden- The Weimar Republic

Ian Armour and Ian Porter- Imperial Germany

David Floyd- Works on the Russian Revolution

Catchpoll- For the Atlas of Russian History

James Joll- For works on World War I and World War II

John Lowe- For works on World War I

Ruth Henig- For works on Imperial Germany


Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Khrushchev, Bulow, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Tsar Nicolas II- Their quotes on their respective histories, wherever you may be right now.

All historians I probably missed (lots of unnamed authors here). For helping students like me get through IB European History :)

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Special thanx to others:

Mr. Wyss-Lockner- without whose papers, I could never have known anything about these histories

Mr. Olsen- for a History teacher's much appreciated review of the page

Ms. MacDonald- for always making sure that I worked on my project

Siddharth- for being a good history source/reminder in ITGS class

Patrick, Alison & Maja- For checking out the page to make sure it was alright

Je- for reviewing the page, and putting up with my hogging the computer

Moyra of 'Moyra's Web Jewels' for her excellent graphics that I've used for this page